Know About the South Africa VPS-

Onlive Server provides affordable and fully managed South Africa VPS. Server hosting using modern European Datacenters with excellent connections to Europe, Asia, African countries, and the USA as well. The main Datacenter of South Africa VPS is in Cape town, Johannesburg. South African private servers are virtualization of dedicated servers. Where those web clients who can afford the high cost of dedicated servers can strive to get a South African VPS Server. And get full root access to servers with free technical support. Site crash, slow speed, load removal problem is the percentage of variability faced by sites as they progress. This happens when you are given the opportunity to host a useful site on smaller sites however as your site activity enhances. The interest of more circular space, more movement / transfer capacity, load adjustment, tightening controls, and other compelling things to do. It runs day and night.

Key Features of South Africa VPS-

24/7 Customer Support

Our 24 * 7 data center support services are available via email, Skype, etc. If you have technical problems. Other payment related questions, contact us directly and find a solution immediately.

Full Root Access

Our South African rooted VPS server allows you to use and manage your server without any restrictions. Install OS compatible software. That’s required according to the needs of your business.

DoS Protection

Our overcrowded servers have highly secure firewalls to protect your data from DDoS attacks. The system automatically detects malicious spam from the web and gives you protection for your data.

1 GBPS Network Speed ​​*

Our VPS servers come with the ultimate network band and secure connection to give you 20X faster connection experience. We guarantee you get the highest connection at 1 GBPS.

99.90% Leisure Time

All of our VPS hosting provides unnecessary power and continuous secure channels to provide high-tech network flexibility to provide you with maximum uptime and zero downtime.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a private, highly secure, and secure web hosting service. Generally, users who can afford a Dedicated Server but need higher ratings, reliability, security, and backup resources. In addition to Shared Server, prefer a VPS Server in South Africa. Our VPS hosting gives you information on business-class services and customer-focused services using its visualization technology. It will give you the authority to use robust resources to cater to the needs of multiple users.

VPS users find it easier to use a website hosting platform with potential access to the virtual machine. It is easier for VPS users in South Africa to use their website in a smoother environment. You can choose the best and cheapest VPS in South Africa.

Linux VPS server

Representing your business website managing cheap South Africa VPS with Linux technology to work better is often called the Linux VPS Server. Linux is one of the most popular open-source software. That offers advanced and advanced software services at an affordable cost. Our fast VPS server gives you great access to resources. You can work better with greater speed.

Windows VPS Server

A VPS server comes with Windows technology. It is known as Windows VPS Server. Our South African VPS hosting offers you a solid and dedicated hosting platform. Guaranteed time and improved data security are the main benefits we offer with our hosting package.

Advantages of South Africa VPS-

Cost Saving

Looking for fast VPS Server plans at a reasonable price? Our South African VPS hosting provides you with top-notch support services around the clock to boost your business growth.

Improved fidelity

Host your website at our South Africa VPS Hosting for high reliability. You can count on our trusted data center services that give you great service availability.

Improved performance

How far is the best performance if the site is hosted on a server with solid hardware tools and under a secured network?  Choose a VPS South Africa unlimited bandwidth plan for unparalleled performance.

Security-like Service

Our Cheap Windows VPS systems that host South Africa come with enhanced data protection that includes all security features to keep your data safe from outside attacks.

Easy Licensing

Our less expensive VPS hosting South Africa charges you less for easy licenses. It means you can easily purchase a license for your website with a single click.

Fully managed service

Our South African VPS hosting includes fully managed and streamlined services that provide an easy-to-use platform. Includes 24 * 7 server monitoring and problem-solving services.


The VPS server provides the most useful resources you can use to build your website. Upgrade your services whenever your website needs additional resources.

Self Service Portal

We provide full control panel options with our South African VPS server to perform multiple tasks and tasks on time, including restart, stop reloading, password change, and much more.