If you want to run an e-commerce website and are seeking VPS Server hosting in the Netherlands. As the top Dutch provider of VPS Server hosting, Onlive Server Private Limited is the finest choice. It is the most cost-effective solution for your company’s requirements. Additionally, it offers you a safe and cost-effective hosting option for your database, apps, and website. A variety of websites, programmers, and databases can be run on the robust Netherlands VPS Server. It is perfect for companies seeking affordable hosting options that can manage numerous users and significant traffic levels.

Depending on your company’s demands, our VPS servers come in a variety of sizes. We offer real-time support services to our clients so that they can get their inquiries addressed right away by our specialists who can assist them in any circumstance at the crucial moment. The business offers its clients dependable performance and security features like hardware encryption, RAID storage, etc., which makes it perfect for operating gaming websites, eCommerce websites, and other types of websites where high performance is necessary.

Why is Netherlands VPS Hosting the greatest option for startups and all businesses?

The ideal option for all enterprises and startups is Netherlands VPS Server. We’ll go over some of the perks that make VPS Hosting a great option for Dutch businesses in this article.

• Because our servers are located in the Netherlands, latency problems won’t affect you. Our servers are constructed with security in mind, so you can take full advantage of our services without having to deal with foreign servers.

  • Your information will be secure against thieves and hackers who might try to access it through DDoS assaults or brute force attacks.
  • By enhancing the speed and security of your website, our VPS Server Hosting will help you expand your business.
  • Our servers are well-equipped with cutting-edge hardware and software configurations that will enable you to carry out high-quality jobs on a powerful server.
  • This subscription offers unlimited bandwidth per month at no additional charge and gives you exclusive access to a dedicated server with MySQL support and complete root access.

For increased performance, get an SSD VPS server.

You want to be sure that the VPS server you choose will be dependable and stable. In order to prevent data loss, we advise using an SSD VPS server. Instead of using a conventional hard drive to store data, it employs an SSD drive. We advise using this kind of server for anyone who wants their website to be more responsive because it’s a terrific approach to increase performance and decrease lag time. You can anticipate a quicker website load time with SSD VPS. The hardware arrangement allows the operating system to function without any issues, further boosting its effectiveness. You will also enjoy speedier application loading time compared to other types of servers.

What makes KVM VPS the ideal option for your company website?

KVM VPS is a Linux-based open-source virtualization solution that supports a variety of operating systems because it works on top of the KVM hypervisor. You can use it to run several operating systems at once.

KVM is the best solution when compared to other hypervisors like Xen or Oracle VM, primarily because each VM instance may run various operating systems. This implies that many applications, such as web and database servers, can run on the same server.

Linux and Windows are supported on our cheap VPS server.

We provide our clients low-cost VPS servers. The most dependable, secure, and stable option for your website or application is our reasonably priced VPS server. Additionally, our VPS Server enables high memory space, large storage space, and fast bandwidth. The most affordable cost for a full year with unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage.

You can select from a variety of operating systems on our affordable VPS servers, including Windows Server 2007, 2010, 2012, 2016, 2019, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, and FreeBSD.

Benefits you will get with VPS Server

Service for Free Backup

With unlimited bandwidth and disc space as standard on all VPS hosting plans, we offer free backup services. This guarantees that your website or blog will be restored for free within minutes if anything goes wrong. If you need more comprehensive backup services at a low cost, we also provide premium backup services.

Flexible Assistance

Your server’s support team will assist you with all technical problems, including any that pertain to security, performance, or other concerns. Our live chat service is available around-the-clock and provides clients with immediate technical support.


All of our Best VPS Hosting solutions are created with the utmost security and defense in mind. Strong features like firewalls and intrusion detection systems are also included in our VPS hosting options. These servers are outfitted with cutting-edge security mechanisms that make it impossible for hackers to access the system supporting your website, so even if someone tries to break in, they won’t succeed. As a result, you may relax knowing that your server is protected from hacking attempts.

Simple Installation

Customers who use our servers can hassle-free install any program or application on their websites. Nothing needs to be configured, so don’t worry about it. All of it is done by us.


Onlive Server is the ideal choice if you need an ultra-secure and quick Netherlands VPS server. In addition to having the fastest speeds, they also have the best security features, such as DDOS protection, and a free SSL certificate. They are a great choice for proprietors of businesses of all sizes because of their reasonable price. It is the best choice to take into consideration while launching your new company or website.