The top provider of economical and dependable India VPS Hosting is Onlive Server. We provide a variety of VPS hosting options to meet all of our clients’ demands and specifications. Our devoted team of experts will assist you in selecting the best plan for your needs. We also give you the option to quickly set up an India VPS server.

We are dedicated to offering premium India VPS Server hosting services at affordable prices. Our team of professionals has put in a lot of effort to guarantee that we offer excellent services in every category. Our network of more than 30 data centers ensures stability, dependability, and speed for all of our clients across the world.

Why choose VPS Server for your website?

One of the most versatile and flexible hosting options is VPS. It enables you to build a virtual server with assigned resources that can be distributed whichever best serves your requirements. The main benefit of VPS hosting is that it gives you access to administrative support as well as everything you need to run your website or application. Any program can be installed on the system, including CMSs and bespoke web applications. By doing this, you can improve the functioning of your website without having to invest more money in new hardware.

The following are the key benefits of VPS hosting:

  1. You have more control over the performance and resources of your server than you do over shared hosting accounts, which can only be controlled through the control panel.
  2. VPS is the greatest choice if you run a website that needs high availability, like a game server or streaming service.
  3. Since dedicated IP addresses can be created for each client, websites won’t be impacted by other users on the same server when using a VPS.
  4. You don’t have to be concerned about browser and program compatibility while installing any web application on your server. While with shared hosting plans, this is not possible.

How is VPS Server better than other hosting?

VPS Server Hosting

An isolated area of a dedicated server called a virtual private server can be used to host your website. On a VPS, you can set up and install programs, websites, databases, and other services just like on a dedicated server.

This gives you the ability to utilize any operating system, application, or program without being constrained by shared servers’ physical hardware. Additionally, you don’t have to stress about controlling several file systems and material resources.

How do I Choose a Linux or Windows VPS?

Given its stability and security, Linux VPS Hosting is a great option for many enterprises. The operating system is safe, and installing and updating software is simple. Because it utilizes fewer resources than Windows, it also has a higher throughput than Windows VPS hosting.

In contrast to Windows VPS Hosting, Linux has a learning curve that can be challenging for novices to understand and certain performance difficulties. You might want to consider alternative solutions if you’re searching for something that works with more applications or older versions of these programs because Linux installation isn’t always as simple as it is on Windows. If you want something that is more common, you might select Windows VPS hosting.

What are the best features of all these packages?


Onlive Server is the ideal choice when you require a high-performance server for your business. Our India VPS hosting offers unmatched security and lightning-fast speed. Also, our staff is on hand around-the-clock to assist you in making the most of your account.

You may expect the following benefits with Onlive Server: –

Unmatched performance – Onlive servers are among the fastest in the business, offering lightning-fast speeds for everything from web browsing to online gaming.

Reliable and safe hosting – With Onlive Server, your data is always secure thanks to cutting-edge security safeguards. To safeguard your information from hackers and thieves, we employ cutting-edge algorithms and numerous security measures.

-Friendly customer support – Our team is on hand around the clock to assist you with opening an account or to answer any questions you may have.

– Extremely fast speeds – Our Cheap VPS services can easily handle heavy traffic volumes.

– Extra room for storage: Each account comes with up to 50GB of space, which is ideal for media files and other large data. You may browse the internet with confidence thanks to the dedicated IP addresses, which each account has.

– Secure connection: Our servers have the most recent security tools, such as firewalls and virus scanners.

  • Free setup and control of all your server settings;
  • Free transfer of your email address and domain name after installation;
  • Full root access to your server;
  • 24/7 technical help for any server issue the ability to use your hosting for several websites, domains, or email accounts at once
  • You and your website visitors will have unlimited bandwidth, and you can install whatever programs you wish on your server.