One of the leading software reviewing websites, CompareCamp, recently distinguished PureVPN as one of the leading VPN providers in the industry. It has awarded PureVPN with two major recognitions, which include Rising Star of 2019 and Great User Experience.

CompareCamp assessed every feature of PureVPN before concluding that it is a step above the competition and one of the best software products in 2019. It has recognized PureVPN’s efforts for improving its products on all fronts and has awarded it a rating that it truly deserves.

PureVPN has been at the forefront of the VPN industry for the past 12 years. We have been serving millions of users from around the globe, while featuring a massive VPN network that covers 140 countries.

Our large network footprint contains over 6,500+ VPN servers. Our team makes enormous efforts to make sure that these servers are in optimal condition at all times so that users can enjoy the fastest VPN speeds. CompareCamp recognizes these efforts in its review, mentioning PureVPN as “an excellent, robust solution for both experienced and non-technical users.”

It also recognizes the user-friendly nature of our apps by explicitly mentioning the Multi-Operation Modes option that the apps offer. This makes streaming with PureVPN even more fun, as CompareCamp explains:

“Users who prefer to stream content constantly can take full advantage of its Streaming Mode as it provides consistent connectivity in stream-heavy websites or applications.”

CompareCamp also recognizes PureVPN as a P2P Friendly service. This is made possible by a dedicated P2P mode in the app that allows users to connect to P2P exclusive servers. This way, they can share and download files with ease.

We have made considerable efforts to ensure that people use the service with complete peace of mind. PureVPN offers top-grade security, which includes military-grade encryption so that users remain completely secure on the web. Recently, we have also been certified as a no-log VPN by an independent auditor, Altius IT.

PureVPN has already got a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot, which is also a top product review site. Recognitions from review services like CompareCamp prove that PureVPN is heading towards the right path.

If you want more freedom and control over your internet or cellular connection, using our award-winning VPN software is a good idea. To get started, visit and download PureVPN today. You’ll be able to safeguard your internet privacy, bypass bandwidth throttling, and so much more!